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Online consultation of a urologist and andrologist in Bishkek

Online consultation of a urologist and andrologist in Bishkek

Online consultation of andrologist urologist in Bishkek

Androlog.kg Medical Center provides its patients with a unique opportunity for online consultation. Here you can not only visit the office of a specialized urologist andrologist in Bishkek, but also being far from the capital of Kyrgyzstan (even abroad) – sign up and have an online consultation with experienced men’s health specialists.

An online consultation with a doctor, of course, differs from an in-person examination and an appointment in the office, but one way or another, it is a meeting with a doctor, getting answers to questions about your state of health and recommendations from a specialist about your further actions to treat the disease, stabilize your condition (well-being) and next face-to-face doctor visit.

In our Medical Center in Bishkek, online consultations are conducted by the same urologists and andrologists who carry out face-to-face appointments in the offices. Therefore, this way of communicating with a doctor will allow you, for example, to save time to clarify any questions about the passage of an already prescribed treatment, as well as for an urgent consultation for the right actions in any situation with a health condition and a collision with purely male diseases.

Types of online consultations of doctors at Androlog.kg Medical Center:

Option 1: Just ask questions about your health condition. It’s free. Consultation time is up to 5 minutes.

Option 2: Answer the questions that we will send by means of communication.
Review of your old analyzes, if necessary, issue a referral for new examinations. The cost of the consultation is 400 soms. Duration up to 15 minutes.

Option 3: Determining the date and coordinating the time of the online video consultation (broadcast). Questions and answers, review of previous and new tests, review of previously received treatment, development of the next plan of recommendations. The cost of the consultation is 1000 soms. This is an online conference up to 30 minutes long.

How does the online consultation work:

You can go through an online consultation and take tests before the appointment:

  • Prepare information about yourself, old (and possibly new) test results, be ready to answer the doctor’s questions openly, directly, honestly about your state of health
  • We will write you the necessary referral for examination
  • Having received a referral, show the laboratory a printout or a photo of our referral from your phone, take the tests. Then come to the reception with the results

*If it is not possible to come to the appointment, prepare a photo of the results of all new tests, send them by a convenient messenger or e-mail, and then get the doctor’s recommendations

Please include the following information in your request:

  1. Gender, age, marital status, place of residence (and where you are now).
  2. What worries you now, how did the disease begin, after what?
  3. What tests did you have and are you receiving treatment?
  4. What examination would you like to undergo additionally?
  5. What else do you think needs to be said?

Conditions for providing an online consultation:

Medical information obtained during an online consultation with an andrologist-urologist should not be used for self-diagnosis and treatment, and cannot serve as a substitute for an in-person consultation with a doctor.

When applying for an online consultation of a urologist-andrologist at Androlog.kg Medical Center, please note:

  • You consent to the processing of personal data and the receipt of services, online consultations of our medical center
  • Online consultation is advisory in nature
  • If possible, the patient should see a doctor in person
  • By means of mobile (Internet) communication, treatment is not carried out (only a consultation is carried out or follow-up after face-to-face consultations and doctor’s prescriptions – patient management)
  • The appointment of treatment through an online consultation is carried out only in exceptional cases:
    1. if the patient’s condition is urgent
    2. if there is a threat to life
    3. if the patient has no other option to receive medical care
  • After the appointment of treatment, you can not change the dose of drugs, take other drugs with similar effects, violate the rules of the recommended diet, violate the frequency and duration of medication. Do not apply your doctor’s recommendations to other people
  • If you have an unclear condition during treatment, urgently contact for a second online consultation or sign up for an appointment

Online consultation payment methods:

  • Wallet “Elsom”: +996 (555) 973-435
  • Wallet “O!Money”: +996 (708) 973-435
  • MBank: +996 (555) 973-435

*Attention! Be sure to send us a check on successful payment to the details indicated above – for further tax accounting on our part

*Methods of payment for a consultation from abroad are agreed upon during an online conference with a doctor