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Medical Center Androlog.kg

Medical Center Androlog.kg

About Androlog.kg Medical Center

Welcome to the official website of Androlog.kg Medical Center. Here you will find background information about the services of our medical center, as well as all the conditions for making an appointment with experienced urologists and andrologists and / or receiving an online consultation.

Androlog.kg is a specialized medical center for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of the genital organs in men, kidney and urinary tract diseases and sexually transmitted infections.

Dear men, we officially inform you that many diseases of the genitourinary system can be cured if the problem is identified in time and treated promptly. Turning to us, you entrust your health to professional urologists and andrologists with more than 10 and even 30 years of experience. We work only for the result and never assign “empty” general analyzes. We perfectly understand how valuable your time is to you, and most importantly, your health, so we focus on making the correct diagnosis and prescribing only the most effective drugs. We also take into account your financial situation.

Our goal is the maximum recovery of our patients, therefore, even after a consultation and prescribed treatment, we keep in touch with patients and, if necessary, adjust the course of treatment, even offline, even in an online format.

During the years of operation of the Androlog.kg Medical Center, several thousand people from Kyrgyzstan, countries of far and near abroad received consultations, were diagnosed and treated for diseases of the genitourinary system, male infertility, laser therapy in our offices. Many of our patients have become more confident in their abilities, improved interpersonal relationships, and after treatment with us, they have found the happiness of becoming parents!

Leading specialists of the medical center

Roman Ibragimovich Dadazhanov

Urologist, andrologist, laserologist. Doctor of the highest category. Healthcare Excellence. Head of the Center for Health and Harmony "SATIA". Experience - more than 30 years

Ilyas Tazhibaevich Eratov

Urologist, andrologist. Researcher at the Urology Center. I did an internship in South Korea. Author of a number of international scientific articles. Experience - more than 10 years

Mirlan Asilbekovich Temirov

Urologist. Member of the Association of Urologists of Kyrgyzstan