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What is urethritis and what are its causes?

What is urethritis and what are its causes?

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The causes of urethritis can be the ingress of microbes and viruses during sexual intercourse, the penetration of microbes and chemicals from outside, or the spread and entry of microbes into the urethra from chronic foci in the body. Also, trauma can lead to the appearance and development of the disease.

Urethritis caused by chlamydia, ureoplasma, mycoplasma, gonococcus (gonorrhea) are called specific urethritis. Symptoms:

• scanty or copious discharge of pus from the urinary canal
• pain when urinating
• sticking (sticking) of the external opening of the urethra
With a number of these symptoms, underwear also gets dirty.

Why is urethritis dangerous?

Running urethritis can be complicated by narrowing of the urethra. If the disease is not treated, the body as a whole will begin to suffer. Far advanced cases may affect the kidneys, joints, possibly blurred vision.

How to treat urethritis?

Treatment, and first of all, the diagnosis of urethritis should be carried out by a professional doctor. The peculiarity of the disease and its improper treatment can worsen the situation and lead to a chronic disease. The urologist-andrologist must conduct an examination both visually and instrumentally, and then refer the patient to pass certain tests according to the standard and additional tests, based on the specific case and the patient’s state of health. Further, based on the data obtained, the urologist andorologist will already be able to make an accurate diagnosis and stage-by-stage treatment according to it.

A good urologist in Bishkek will select the treatment of urethritis etiologically and pathogenetically justified. And most importantly, the doctor must guide the patient, receive reports from him on the passage of procedures, timely medication, adjust their dosage and observe the body’s response to certain drugs and procedures. An honest good professional doctor andrologist urologist, even in Bishkek, even in other cities and villages of Kyrgyzstan, should bring the treatment of urethritis in his patients to the end – to complete recovery. And our Medical Center practices just such a full-fledged high-quality individual approach to each patient. The services of urologists and andrologists at the Androlog.kg medical center are guaranteed at the highest level. Contact us and we will definitely help you cure urethritis.