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Why is an online consultation of a urologist in Bishkek good?

Why is an online consultation of a urologist in Bishkek good?

lock-m 24.05.2023

In the context of a pandemic and without it, patients do not always manage to get an appointment with a good urologist in Bishkek. The doctor’s schedule, the work of the clinic as a whole, as well as the patient’s personal schedule of employment are sometimes difficult to combine, especially if the health issue has become acute. Urgent help, consultation, primary urgent appointments of a urologist and andrologist are sometimes needed today or tomorrow, and the schedules of free face-to-face appointments of the clinic and the patient’s personal schedule may not provide such an urgent opportunity. And here, the great news for you, dear men, is that andrologist urologist Roman Dadazhanov and other urologists of the Androlog.kg Medical Center are also conducting an online consultation. You can contact a specialist in any of the ways convenient for you, offered on our website.

Online consultation with a urologist

When contacting and receiving an online consultation with a urologist, you indicate your gender, age, area of residence, marital status and specify what worries you, what you would like to be examined for. Further, you may have to answer additional questions from a specialist, but already during an online consultation you will receive the first necessary answers, as well as recommendations for relieving pain, partial normalization of the condition, and then you can make an appointment with a doctor more urgently.

Services of a urologist andrologist in Bishkek

Experienced urologists and andrologists of the Androlog.kg Medical Center conduct appointments, as well as connect to online consultations via various communication channels, almost daily from 7:30 am to 11:00 pm. Our online consultation is available in communications and financially to the vast majority of patients, and this is the first important step in the treatment of diseases that bother you in the field of urology.

Write to us, call or visit the office of a urologist andrologist by appointment – in person. Your health is in your hands! Do not put off going to the doctor in the “far box” delaying examination and treatment for a number of diseases of these ailments can lead to chronic diseases, and even to male infertility.