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How to treat male infertility?

How to treat male infertility?

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The causes of infertility in men are often chronic prostatitis, urethritis, inflammation of the testicles, enlarged testicular veins (varicocele), endocrine, immune diseases. There are a number of factors and diseases that, in combination and due to untimely treatment, can lead to a chronic and further to male infertility.

Therefore, if infertility is suspected, a man should definitely contact an experienced andrologist urologist. The doctor will examine the patient, prescribe the necessary tests, collect an anamnesis and, based on a study of the situation of this particular subjective patient, will make an accurate diagnosis and then the necessary effective treatment.

Treatment of male infertility

Specialists of the Androlog.kg Medical Center approach the issue of diagnosing male infertility individually for each patient. Our urologists andrologists usually prescribe to patients a referral for spermogram, tests for hormone levels, for sexual infections, for Doppler ultrasound, a test for the presence of antisperm antibodies, etc. After all, in order to correctly treat the patient and direct medication and concomitant treatment to return the male sexual functions, you need to make a professional diagnosis and strictly follow the proven scientific ways of treating infertility.

Services of an andrologist urologist

If you want to safely conceive a healthy child and strengthen men’s health, trust real professionals! Experienced urologists and andrologists at the specialized Androlog.kg Medical Center are at your service. We offer a narrow profile range of medical services in Bishkek for men, we work for results and we know our work for sure. Our task is to identify the causes of your illness and use modern medicine to cure you!

In some cases, male infertility is curable, but for this it is necessary to identify the cause of the health problem and then correct it correctly – until complete recovery.