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How to choose pills for prostatitis?

How to choose pills for prostatitis?

lock-m 24.05.2023

It often happens that men who are faced with a disease such as prostatitis try to self-medicate and look for medicines themselves, follow the advice of friends or search the Internet for queries like: “Prostatitis pills are inexpensive and effective for men without a prescription.”

If you ask a specialist urologist andrologist a similar question, he will certainly tell you that yes, there are / are pills for prostatitis, there are also those that are sold without a prescription. But the fact is that the effectiveness of each drug depends on your disease or several diseases. The selection of pills for prostatitis depends on your age, general health, and also depending on the form and weakening of the disease.

Treatment of prostatitis

Dear men, please listen to the recommendation of a professional urologist andrologist in Bishkek. Do not rush to self-medicate and choose pills and medicines for prostatitis on your own. Please understand that many conditions/diseases that are similar in terms of symptoms fall under the diagnosis of prostatitis. Accordingly, you may think that you have prostatitis and try to treat it yourself by choosing some medicines and methods, but it may turn out that you do not have prostatitis, but a disease similar to it in primary symptoms. Or you may have several diseases at once.
Unfortunately, the human body is very difficult in terms of diagnosing and clarifying diseases, and even among urologists and andrologists there is such a problem as overdiagnosis. In other words, not every frequent urination and not every misfire in intimate life is prostatitis! The diagnosis of prostatitis is made on the basis of a certain number and quality of examinations, and only on the basis of the results of effective urine and blood tests.

Treatment of prostatitis in Bishkek

You also need to consider that there are several forms of prostatitis. So one pill for prostatitis is inexpensive and effective for men – it does not happen! Here you need to examine the body of a particular patient, make sure and clarify his diagnosis and then prescribe treatment, taking into account the state of health and a specific subjective case of the disease (including prostatitis and / or other diseases).

About 30 years ago, there were almost no drugs for prostatitis. Due to the increase in true and false diagnoses of PROSTATITIS, all world pharmaceutical companies began to intensively develop and create drugs for it. Therefore, today in pharmacies you can find and buy drugs for prostatitis. We will name some of them that you can buy and treat prostatitis in Bishkek. But please do not rush to buy and take them right away until you consult with your doctor! Tablets from prostatitis:

• “Prostamol UNO”
• “Vitaprost”
• “Omnik”
• “Prostosan Forte”
• “Prostalka”
• “Rotaprost”
• “Afala”
• “Adamol”

Please note that not a single drug for prostatitis, either in Bishkek or in other places and pharmacies, will cure prostatitis by itself. Drugs are more auxiliary and preventive means. Moreover, some of them are not effective at all in a number of forms and complications of prostatitis. Therefore, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the possible symptoms and drugs regarding prostatitis, you can of course use the Internet to learn more about this male disease and search the net for “prostatitis pills inexpensive and effective without a prescription.” But if you really want to understand your symptoms, get an accurate diagnosis, and if necessary, cure prostatitis in a short time, without complications and deterioration of health in general, then be sure to contact a competent andrologist urologist! Androlog.kg Medical Center is ready to help you with this!