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What do patients most often ask us about?

What do patients most often ask us about?

lock-m 24.05.2023

Over the years of practice at the Androlog.kg Medical Center, both at face-to-face consultations and online consultations of an andrologist urologist, our employees are most often asked three main questions of a general nature about the health of men. Since we answer these questions every day, in order to broaden our horizons, I decided to share the answers to these most popular questions to the urologist andrologist on our official website.

What are the most common diseases of the genitourinary system in men?

These are diseases of the kidneys, bladder, prostate, testicles and penis. Most often, patients turn to an andrologist-urologist with sexually transmitted diseases (STIs), inflammation and prostate adenoma, phimosis (narrowing of the foreskin), paraphimosis (a complication of phimosis), male infertility, weakened erection, decreased sexual desire and accelerated ejaculation.

How is the examination carried out in the office of the urologist-andrologist?

In case of inflammation, we perform tests for genital and other infections by PCR, ELISA, culture, and also prescribe a number of other narrower and specialized tests, depending on the situation and the patient’s health status. Next, we refer the patient to hormone tests (testosterone, prolactin, etradiol, and others if necessary). Using the latest methods, we examine the ejaculate (spermogram). We carry out ultrasound and CT, X-ray diagnostics.

Upon receipt of a general picture of analyzes and studies, we prescribe a treatment that is profiled in this particular case, primarily of a medical nature. Further, we conduct the patient with periodic consultations, we observe an improvement in indicators and health status up to the complete recovery of the man.

What treatment does an andrologist urologist perform in Bishkek?

Urologists and andrologists of Androlog.kg Medical Center keep up with the times. We use the latest methods of medicine, up-to-date technologies and apply a modern approach in all areas of our professional activity. Therefore, the services and treatment of a urologist-andrologist in Bishkek directly in our medical center are similar to high-class clinics in Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries.
Your andrologist-urologist at the Androlog.kg Medical Center will select the therapy according to your complaint and your diagnosis individually, taking into account your state of health, age and medical history in general. Your health is important to us, and we will definitely work for the result!