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What is a male menopause?

What is a male menopause?

lock-m 24.05.2023

Men also have menopause, and in medical terminology it is called andropause. It is similar to the female menopause. Most often, male menopause (andropause) occurs between the ages of 45 and 55-60 years.

How to diagnose andropause

You have fatigue, periodic hot flashes and a feeling of “goosebumps” on the body. Have you noticed a weakening of potency and libido, and also feel a regular decrease or increase in pressure? Then the situation is alarming, and if you are already approaching old age, then most likely this is menopause.

If you have these signs, then it is better to contact an experienced urologist andrologist for more detailed diagnostics, tests and proper advice on your further actions. If you are looking for a competent urologist-andrologist in Bishkek, then contact us at the specialized Androlog.kg Medical Center.

Our studies will confirm or clarify your diagnosis and prevent more serious disorders that may be associated with both andropause and other purely male health problems. The health of our patients is important to us, and andrologists and urologists of the Androlog.kg Medical Center always look wider than one direction, we definitely recommend the standards for testing to those who apply and try to get ahead of the diseases that you may develop due to any factors of deterioration in health.

How to delay and mitigate the male menopause

Pathological manifestations of male menopause can be prevented and made so that it proceeds softer. To do this, you need to contact a competent specialist doctor in time, but it is better to undergo diagnostics and consultation with an andrologist urologist at least once a year. And when identifying symptoms, as well as confirming the diagnosis of andropause, follow the following primary rules:

• create a favorable psychological atmosphere at work and at home
• observe the sleep and rest regimen
• add walnuts, meat, honey, citrus fruits to your diet, eat more greens (parsley, celery)
• be sure to do physical education (do at least a little exercise in the morning, walk at least 3-5 kilometers a day, try to visit the pool periodically)
• when balancing the body and improving health in general – taking into account and maintaining the above procedures, you can even switch to year-round douches, which in general will temper you!

According to modern science, male menopause (andropause) is a completely controllable process, it can be postponed for a decent amount of time, or at least its onset and course can be significantly mitigated.