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What is urolithiasis?

What is urolithiasis?

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Urolithiasis is the formation of stones in the kidneys and urinary tract. Urinary stones are composed of salts: urates, oxalates, phosphates and are often mixed. The reason for the formation of stones are metabolic disorders and the precipitation of salts.

How to distinguish urolithiasis

An accurate diagnosis of urolithiasis can only be made by a qualified urologist andrologist based on the results of an ultrasound examination and the results of correctly prescribed blood and urine tests of the patient. Therefore, in order to understand whether you have urolithiasis, you need to consult a doctor. In Bishkek, specialists from the Androlog.kg Medical Center will help you clarify / diagnose urolithiasis.

The following symptoms may cause you to see a doctor and get immediate treatment:

• pain in the lumbar region, often renal colic
• hematuria (presence of blood in the urine)
• inflammation of the kidneys and urinary tract
• pain during urination
• excretion of stones or their fragments in the urine

How to Diagnose Urolithiasis

Diagnosis of urolithiasis by a urologist andrologist is based on the patient’s history, tests and ultrasound results. Therefore, when you seek the services of experienced and competent urologists andrologists, you are prescribed:

• general analysis of urine and blood
• analysis of residual nitrogen, creatinine, blood urea
• Ultrasound of the kidneys and X-ray examination
• computed tomography

How to treat urolithiasis

In the twenty-first century, urolithiasis is largely curable. The main thing here is to consult a doctor in a timely manner, of course, to find a competent and experienced urologist andrologist, and then follow the doctor’s recommendations, taking into account taking medications and undergoing appropriate procedures. Today, two main methods of treating urolithiasis are relevant, these are:

• drug treatment
• surgical treatment

Specialists of Androlog.kg Medical Center will help you to make an accurate diagnosis, understand pain during urination, pain in the kidneys, prescribe the right treatment. We regularly consult patients with kidney complaints, build the correct treatment schedule and prognosis, and have earned the title of one of the best medical organizations in Bishkek for the treatment of male diseases.