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What is an andrologist?

What is an andrologist?

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An andrologist is a doctor who corrects the sexual and reproductive function of men, examines, treats and prevents diseases of the male genital area.

The specialization of an andrologist (urologist) is extensive, it is the treatment of infection and the reproductive system, inflammatory diseases, male infertility, erectile dysfunction and other purely male health problems. In addition, the andrologist deals with the assessment of the correspondence of sexual characteristics to age, the analysis of spermograms. Its task includes sex education and instilling intimate hygiene skills, male contraceptives and active longevity.

Why you need to contact a urologist andrologist

An appeal to a male doctor, an andrologist, a urologist, is necessary, both in the event of pain, symptoms and diseases, and for prevention at least once a year. Examination by an andrologist is a guarantee of your male health, male sexual functions and related internal organs. Timely examination by a doctor and taking the necessary measures, both for the prevention and treatment of diseases, allow you to maintain your health, prevent chronic forms of disease and infertility.

Andrologist services in Bishkek

Turning to an andrologist-urologist in Bishkek – at the Androlog.kg Medical Center, you can be sure that you will be examined by a certified specialist, a good urologist-andrologist. Your health is important to us, so we do not prescribe unnecessary empty tests, we do not prescribe template treatment, but we approach each patient, each patient’s appeal and complaint individually. We strive to quickly and correctly understand your illness, make an accurate diagnosis and then prescribe a really effective treatment that is relevant in your particular case! Our practice, experience and real feedback from patients are proof of this. Contact us for a consultation with a urologist andrologist and appreciate the high level of service and quality of medical services of the Androlog.kg center.