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Prevention of sexually transmitted diseases

Prevention of sexually transmitted diseases

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STDs is an abbreviation that stands for – sexually transmitted diseases (also in medicine this list of diseases is called sexually transmitted infections (STIs). These terms mean infectious diseases, the most common way of infection of which is sexual contact.

Infections, predominantly sexually transmitted, in medicine, it is customary to single out a group of sexually transmitted diseases. This:

• syphilis
• gonorrhea
• trichomoniasis
• chlamydia
• ureoplasmosis
• mycoplasmosis
• genital herpes
• soft chancre
• donovanosis

Other STDs (STIs) are often transmitted in other ways: parenteral (HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C), direct contact (scabies), vertical (chlamydia).

How not to get gonorrhea

If you had questionable sexual intercourse, this does not mean that you will definitely get venereal disease. In most cases, you can avoid gonorrhea (gonorrhea), trichomoniasis, chlamydia, syphilis and other diseases if you follow simple recommendations. During the first three hours after intercourse, it is necessary to urinate well, wash yourself with soap, and then treat the urethra (urethra) with special antimicrobial solutions (for details, contact your doctor at the appointment or online).

In the future, try to avoid unprotected contacts. But if recently you have had several unprotected sexual contacts with different partners, or if you have not been examined by a urologist andrologist for a long time, or you are preparing for a family relationship, or if you have symptoms of a purely male disease, then be sure to consult a doctor. In this case, a specialized Androlog.kg Medical Center is at your service in Bishkek.

Urologist andrologist in Bishkek

In order not to take dozens of tests (smear for flora, PCR, blood for microbial antibodies, and others), come to us. Androlog.kg Medical Center specialists do not seek to prescribe and prescribe unnecessary tests or unnecessary drugs for treatment. Our task is to work for the result and directly make only the correct diagnoses, openly and honestly advise our patients and then treat only in an effective way, having considered and explained to the patient each stage of treatment, each medication or medical procedure. We will carry out preventive treatment, give a referral to the examinations you need (in your particular case) and, based on its results, prescribe an effective treatment.