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Can varicocele (dilated testicular veins) be cured?

Can varicocele (dilated testicular veins) be cured?

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Varicocele – varicose veins of the spermatic cord or simply say varicose veins. This is an expansion of the veins in the scrotum. The disease can be detected, including independently – by the patient himself. And this is exactly the case when a man should be attentive to his body and, at the first suspicions, symptoms, contact a qualified male doctor (andrologist urologist).

From the point of view and terminology of medicine, the disease of varicocele is defined as an additional formation of a soft consistency, which increases in a standing position and with straining. The exact diagnosis and stage of the disease are established on the basis of:

• collection of anamnesis
• when visually examining the scrotum area by an experienced doctor
• Ultrasound of the scrotum

Why is varicocele dangerous?

Complications of varicocele lead to testicular atrophy, infertility, impotence. Also, the development and aggravation of the disease cause hormonal disorders in the human body, which will further lead to a deterioration in health in general and a weakening of other body functions.

In modern medicine, three degrees of varicocele are identified. At the first degree (stage), the main thing is to detect it, and then conduct periodic medical supervision and drug treatment until complete recovery. With the second and third degree of the disease, urgent, surgical treatment is necessary, taking into account the individual characteristics of the man’s body, the degree of complications caused by the disease and the age of the patient.

How to treat varicocele

In some cases, treatment of varicocele is possible only with Ivaniseevich or Marmar operations. But in the early stages of detecting the disease, and with proper treatment, you can do without surgery. Therefore, dear men, we urge you to contact a competent specialist – an andrologist urologist at least once a year. In person in Bishkek – you can contact our specialized urology center Androlog.kg. We guarantee a high-quality examination, a full and honest consultation, as well as the necessary treatment (if you need it).