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Why do some men finish intercourse quickly?

Why do some men finish intercourse quickly?

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Dear men, when you turn to an andrologist, there should be no embarrassment or secrets on your part. You are talking to a doctor and here you need to tell the truth, directly and openly. During consultations and during the treatment process at the Androlog.kg Medical Center, we encourage our patients to do exactly this. We speak openly and strive to cure you!

Therefore, if you are interested in the issue of personal health and directly correct male sexual function, then you can honestly, without hesitation, ask questions at our receptions, such as: “Doctor, why do I finish quickly?” or “Doctor, why am I having very short intercourse.” We will definitely give you a high-quality consultation, answer all your questions, and also help you make the right diagnosis and give medical recommendations on how to solve your issue.

What does “quick cum” mean and how to deal with it

According to statistics, normal sexual contact by a man should last an average of 3-6 minutes. If ejaculation occurs in a minute or even less than a minute, then the man has abnormalities and needs to be treated. And only a medical professional approach will allow you to understand the causes and consequences of this situation, find the source of the problem and then restore your health and proper normal male sexual function with competent treatment.

What are the causes and consequences of rapid ejaculation

Accelerated ejaculation may be a consequence of chronic inflammatory diseases such as prostatitis, vesiculitis, colliculitis. In addition, there may be neurological problems, psychological causes, and others.

Accelerated ejaculation leads to chronic partner stress due to the lack of full enjoyment from sexual intercourse, neuroticism, and subsequent disruption of family relationships. And in men, rapid ejaculation leads to early impotence!

How not to cum longer

Alas, there is no single and simple answer to the question of eliminating rapid ejaculation, dear men. Everything here is subjective and you need to understand directly your health problems. Therefore, the general and correct answer to the question of eliminating the causes of excessively short sexual intercourse is an appeal to a urologist and andrologist.

First, an experienced urologist andrologist will refer you to tests and examinations, then he will select the right treatment for premature ejaculation.

Do you want to quickly find a good urologist in Bishkek? Then do not waste your time and contact Androlog.kg Medical Center immediately. We specialize in the treatment of male diseases, conduct an honest and open consultation and prescribe only specialized effective methods of treatment in each individual case of the patient.