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What needs to be done for a healthy child?

What needs to be done for a healthy child?

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Pregnancy planning helps increase the chances of conceiving and carrying a healthy baby. This is necessary to minimize the risk of congenital pathologies in a child when planning a pregnancy.
A comprehensive examination in preparation for pregnancy is recommended to take place at least 3 months before conception. And the main task of the examination before pregnancy is the direct identification of existing violations in the health of a man, and then their competent treatment – the elimination of violations.

Examination by a urologist andrologist

It is important to know what is the right approach to the issue of expanding the family together. Here the maximum responsibility for both partners is important. Therefore, to think about health and visit doctors’ offices – both the future father and the needy mother should. Accordingly, in order for a healthy child to be born in the family, modern medicine recommends that both men and women be tested and examined.

For men it is:

• consultation with a urologist / andrologist
• blood tests for group and Rh factor for the prevention of Rh conflict
• testing for HIV infection, syphilis, hepatitis B and C, STIs
• spermogram
• Ultrasound of the internal genital organs
• spectrum of hormones

Treatment by a urologist andrologist

In some cases, you need to undergo treatment, and after that, repeat part of the tests to mark positive indicators of recovery. In addition, it is also necessary to take into account proper nutrition, abstinence from bad habits and the mandatory intake of vitamins prescribed by a doctor.

Dear men, in order for a healthy child to be born in your family, be sure to undergo a preventive examination by an andrologist urologist. Our Medical Center is ready to help you with this and provide the services of experienced doctors. Our reputation is impeccable because every patient is important to us. Each course of treatment is prescribed individually, and the doctor attached to you will guide you both during the course of treatment and after it. We care about your health and the health of your children!