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What are the services of urologist andrologist in 21st century medicine?

What are the services of urologist andrologist in 21st century medicine?

lock-m 23.05.2023

A person who needs the help of a urologist and andrologist in Bishkek or in other cities of the Kyrgyz Republic today uses the Internet to the fullest. People are used to looking for answers to their questions, including health issues, on the Internet. Therefore, a man who needs the help of an andrologist, most often, first of all, looks for his answers on the Internet. Phrases are typed into search engines:

• urologist Bishkek or andrologist Bishkek
• urologist-andrologist Bishkek
• how to cure…
• treatment of urethritis Bishkek
• treatment of prostatitis in Bishkek

Assessing the recommendations of Internet search engines in Kyrgyzstan, it can be judged that the above queries lead directly to clinics and specialists in Bishkek offering andrologist and/or urologist services. Alas, among the answers of the search engine, there are recommendations from both experienced urologists in Bishkek, and less experienced and sometimes even novice specialists. And here you need to be very demanding and attentive in order to understand further – to whom to turn for competent medical help!

Services of a urologist andrologist

Here, an additional incentive and decisive factor – the choice of a specialist in the field of urology in Bishkek – can be an initial, preliminary consultation. And it will be very good if such consultation is possible online. So the patient will save time, get the first answers and recommendations from an experienced urologist andrologist, and will also be able to immediately understand whether it is worth spending their time and money further, listening to the advice of this doctor. An important factor here is that not all medical centers, clinics or private doctors can provide an online consultation with a urologist in Bishkek. This will already allow you to shorten the search list for a specialist and find the best doctor to solve your health issues!

Online consultation of urologist andrologist in Bishkek

We are employees of the Androlog.kg Medical Center, we take into account the needs of modern people and the relevance of Internet technologies in treatment and consultation. Therefore, we have long included online consultations in our work. Viewing the results of tests, partial appointments of a doctor, consultations, conversations with patients are conducted online using a communication system that is convenient for the person who contacted us (be it instant messengers or video conferences). An online consultation with a urologist is conducted both in Russian and in Kyrgyz, and the time of the call is specified in advance, regardless of the time zone of the applicant. We will definitely adapt to our patient and make every effort to cure him!