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How to choose a good urologist in Bishkek?

How to choose a good urologist in Bishkek?

lock-m 23.05.2023

Today, many small and medium-sized medical centers have been created in Bishkek, Chui region and other regions of Kyrgyzstan, some of them offer various services, both general practitioners and urologists or andrologists. And for a person who has not previously applied for the services of highly qualified specialists in the field of urology, it is difficult to understand who to believe, where it is better to go and how to find an experienced doctor who would not pursue the commercial nature of the services, but look at the root of the problem and strive to cure the patient.
We are often approached by men who have previously applied to other medical centers and were dissatisfied with the services provided, these are patients who applied somewhere through an advertisement / promotion where they paid money, but did not even receive accurate data on the diagnosis and did not hear from the doctor all recommendations for solving problems with their disease.

At the androlog.kg Medical Center, they were finally able to get proper advice, hear competent and understandable answers from a urologist andrologist, and then undergo proper high-quality treatment with a positive result in recovery.

Choosing a urologist andrologist

Therefore, we will answer your question: “How to choose a good urologist andrologist in Bishkek?”. At the same time, we will not exclusively advertise ourselves or give empty advice, but we will offer you a way to search for specialists based on real reviews and a selection of people whose problem is similar to yours!

Search for a urologist andrologist via the Internet

To do this, use the current system of search and analytics of information on the Internet. Type in the Google search engine “TOP urologists in Bishkek”, or “The best urologist in Bishkek” or “Good andrologist in Bishkek”, and you will receive a response from a search engine that will point you to the addresses of clinics and medical centers where experienced urologists andrologists work without prejudice.

Ask about a urologist in your area

Also feel free to talk about the services of a urologist and andrologist with your family and friends. There is nothing wrong with asking your older brother or uncle for advice on where to go for counseling and diagnosis related to men’s health. Talk to your friends who had a similar condition, check if they were at the urologist andrologist Roman Ibragimovich in Bishkek?

Forums and social networks about health

Visit forums or social networks where men’s health issues are discussed, such as prostatitis, urethritis, erectile dysfunction, male infertility.
Look at the profile of a urologist-andrologist in Bishkek, his qualifications, experience and how male diseases are treated in Bishkek and Kyrgyzstan (in different clinics and medical centers, no specialist or medical institution should hide this).

Choice of urologist

When you have already reduced your choice to several urologists andrologists in Bishkek, then further evaluate the openness, objective popularity of the doctor in social networks, on characteristic forums and sites of doctors. Also visit the site of a pre-selected urologist andrologist in Bishkek, and read his publications.

Be sure to pay attention to the real reviews of patients of this medical center and the urologist-andrologist’s office directly, focus on honest words and reviews of those who have already undergone treatment here.

Well, the last effective advice. Having chosen a specialist, first call him. An experienced doctor will give you the first recommendations and effective advice already at the first conversation. And also from the confidence of the specialist’s answers – you will be able to judge whether it is worth contacting this urologist andrologist in Bishkek.