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When men need a preventive examination by a urologist-andrologist?

When men need a preventive examination by a urologist-andrologist?

lock-m 23.05.2023

Unmarried young guys, men before marriage or before the start of a relationship, or already planning to conceive a child in the family – should be examined by a urologist andrologist. This is due to the preservation of one’s own health and the health of a partner, the prevention of diseases and the saving of both money and time, if necessary, treatment. Any disease is best treated in the early stages!

Recommended examination, prophylaxis by an andrologist urologist

From about 40-45 years old, men, even if they have never noticed changes in the genitourinary organs and have not previously consulted a urologist-andrologist with health complaints, should undergo a preventive examination once a year by a urologist. If their fathers or grandfathers suffered from prostate cancer or other urological diseases, then mandatory periodic examinations should take place from the age of 30-35!
This especially applies to patients with a history of chronic prostatitis or other inflammatory diseases of the urogenital organs.

Primary appointment with a urologist andrologist

To clarify male problems, the urologist andrologist at the reception without fail conducts:

• Conversation, collection of information for diagnosis
• General inspection
• Local inspection and inspection of other authorities on complaints
• Rectal examination of the prostate (if necessary)
• Issuance of directions for examinations
• Familiarization and interpretation of the results of ready-made analyzes
• Extract of medicines, physiotherapy and other manipulations.
• Appointments and record the date of re-contact
• If other signs of disease are found, refer for additional examinations or to other specialists.